Where to Find Console Game Reviews

Is it possible to find good Console Game Reviews? There are several online resources that can help you with your research. I recommend Metacritic, OpenCritic, GamesRadar, Christ Centered Gamer, and others. There are some important features to look for and a lot of information to digest. Hopefully, you’ll find the information useful. Below, I’ll briefly outline some of these resources. And don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter for the latest reviews!


While the average number of games with a ninety-plus Metacritic score is a high mark, the number has dwindled this generation. Last gen, there were 84 such games, or 79 if you include the Wii U. But that’s not the only factor at play. The number of games released this generation has also decreased, and reviewers have developed higher standards. Still, despite these changes, the metacritic score can still be used as a guide for determining whether or not a game is worth buying.


The first OpenCritic console game review is up and running! This project, which has been in development since 2014, is almost ready for launch! While the site currently supports only video game reviews, developers can submit games for inclusion. In addition, other review sources can request inclusion as well. OpenCritic features pages for reviewers and publications. The site started out ad-free and supported by donations via Patreon, but has since incorporated an ad-revenue model.

A similar site called GameRankings allows gamers to review games, although they don’t have a very large number of reviews. They also allow users to filter reviews by positive or negative feedback, and by length of playtime. You can even view a graph of user-generated reviews to get a better idea of what others have to say about a particular game. The reviews aren’t unbiased, though, so the results may not be accurate.


The PC section of GamesRadar used to be organized by PC Gamer. The site was formerly redirected to GamesRadar, but it now has its own host site. Reviews on GamesRadar include articles from other gaming magazines, including PC Gamer. In addition to in-house reviews, some games receive “super reviews” – more like feature articles, with comparisons to other similar games. All reviews also include a quote from Metacritic saying, “Just for you, Metacritic!”

GamesRadar has a team of professional reviewers with two decades of experience reviewing games. They have several writers and editors, and cover every type of gaming platform. They also feature news about movies, tv, and movies. The site is user-friendly and provides an in-depth look at various games. GamesRadar’s reviews are always updated and offer a balanced perspective. The site also lists spoilers.

Christ Centered Gamer

The Christ Centered Gamer is an online video game review website that provides a Christian perspective on the gaming world. The website uses a unique system to rate games, focusing on gameplay, story, framerate, and faith perspective. Unlike many other gaming review websites, Christ Centered Gamer does not have any hidden agendas or philosophies that may conflict with a Christian’s beliefs. This allows Christian readers to make informed decisions regarding the games they want to buy.

The site reviews both PC and console games and is very active in its forum. While most PC game reviews focus on older games, many of the console games reviewed are newer. It’s interesting to note that while many Christians play console games, the Christian gaming community is quite active. While the website is not as well-known as some of the other gaming websites, it shows that Christian gamers are interested in a variety of video games, especially those that involve violence.


While mainstream gaming sites tend to award high scores for games for their sheer entertainment value, you can often find more objective, detailed reviews of video games on YouTube. These one-off reviews are a great way to find out more about the games you want to buy before you purchase them. A good way to get started is to search for games that you are interested in, and read as many reviews as you can find. If you have the time and motivation to create your own review, you can even make your own!

ACG is another popular source for console game reviews. The average video is about 20 minutes long and has several categories. Many of their videos are humorous, with more humor than critical analysis. You can find everything from horror to sci-fi. The reviews range in genre, too, from horror to action to sports games. If you’re looking for serious review content, check out Joe Vargas’ channel, but make sure you don’t watch too many of his videos if you haven’t already subscribed to his channel!